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20th August 2014

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Almost six months ago, a tiny tortoiseshell cat changed my life.

I have struggled with depression all my life, only recently realizing that it was even a problem and starting to be medicated for it. Along with that came the suggestion to find an Emotional Support Animal. I visited a local shelter and met Allegra the first day. Undersized and formerly abused, this shelter cat has lived in the shelter almost her entire life. She’s shy and easily spooked, but she loves to cuddle and she has quite the attitude. I was finally able to take her home after two months, and suddenly, there was laughter in my home. It was easier to smile and be happy and feel alive when I had her purring away in my lap.

Two months later, we met Hermes at the shelter and fell in love immediately. Allegra wasn’t so happy to have a little brother at first, but now the two of them are fast friends. Or, well, they tolerate each other. Where Allegra is quiet, Hermes is active and loud and bouncy. He’s bright eyed and ready to play at all times. He complimented Allegra in a way that made our home all the brighter.

Unfortunately, due to hard times, myself, my husband, and our two cats have had to move in with my in-laws. My father-in-law does not like cats, and he hates mine. He’s kicked our cats and makes threats constantly about how he’s going to drown them in the pool or strangle them or kill them in other horrible ways. At first, everyone thought he was just making comments and trying to be funny, but when we finally told him we didn’t appreciate him making comments about hurting animals, he responded with more angry comments about how our cats were “stinking up his home” and “ruining his life”. As they’re stressed out from the recent move, they’ve been marking more than usual and scratching, and Hermes has been particularly vocal. Predictably, this isn’t improving the situation.

Now, I’m terrified to leave the house, half-convinced that I’ll come home to find that he has killed my cats or thrown them out. They aren’t outdoor cats. We are planning on moving out as soon as we can, but it’s going slower than we had hoped and I’m afraid that if we stay much longer, our cats will be injured, killed, or lost. I hate asking for charity, but we need a little help to get out of this poisonous environment and into our own place where they’ll be safe. Please help us get enough money to get started. Once we have enough to pay the initial fees and the first month’s rent, we’ll be fine, we just have to get out now before it’s too late.

This is what she’s written for her GoFundMe in order to get an apartment for herself, her husband and her two emotional support animals. Legally recognized emotional support animals that her father-in-law has continuously threatened to kill.

She doesn’t have a tumblr and at her request, I’ve posted this here. Please give her a hand, whether through donations or signal boosting. Every little bit helps.

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